New York Giants Will Have To Deal With Le’Veon Bell In Jets Game

New York Jets, LeVeon Bell
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There was some speculation that the Giants might have a lucky break, and not have to handle Le’Veon Bell when the team takes on the rival New York Jets on Sunday, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be the case. An unspecified injury to the ankle or leg gave Bell a questionable status going into this game, but Bell confirmed on Twitter on Saturday that the questionable status will be dropped and that he’ll be active come game time.

Bell, of course, comes into the game facing a Giants defense which has struggled against the run this year. The lowly Arizona Cardinals were able to dominate the Giants in the running game, and Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot was able to gain yards consistently in the most recent loss for the Giants.

The Jets running back only has one touchdown this season despite being the biggest addition of their offseason, but depending on if the Giants can step up their play or not, that relatively low number might not stand by the end of the day.

What do the Giants themselves think of the matchup between Bell and the defense that will take center stage come game time?

“He has excellent vision… They do a good job if they can get good separation, he can be real patient and then find the crease. It’s unique in some ways to his running style. He catches the ball well, and he’s obviously a very good blocker in pass protection. He’s a three-down back that has the ability to make guys miss and score touchdowns,” head coach Pat Shurmur said.

The Giants traded for Leonard Williams from the Jets, and part of the reason why they gave up two picks for the defensive lineman is his ability against the run. Will Williams make a big splash against Bell and the Jets running game in his first game against his former team?

We’ll see – it would definitely be a way for Williams to endear himself to the fans of his new team, and make a statement to the Jets organization that traded him away. But Le’Veon Bell is no easy challenge, and the Giants will have to find a way to deal with him now that it’s confirmed that he’s healthy enough to play.