New York Giants: Who should be held accountable for 0-5 start to season?

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, John Mara, Dave Gettleman
May 11, 2018; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants owner John Mara (left) and general manager Dave Gettleman on the field during rookie minicamp at Quest Diagnostics Training Center on Friday. Mandatory Credit: Danielle Parhizkaran-USA TODAY SPORTS

Immediately following the New York Giants‘ loss to the Dallas Cowboys, head coach Joe Judge met with the media, stating, “all that really matters is the progress we’re making right now….the record will come.”

Progress is one thing, but stagnation is another. Ever since general manager Dave Gettleman was hired to rebuild a starving Giants franchise, things have only continued to get worse.

After promising to solve the offensive line woes, the unit has regressed exponentially, ranking near dead last in pass protection and run blocking in the NFL. While it will take time for the unit to develop and progress, the Giants simply can’t afford to continue losing at the rate they happen.

Ranging from drafting a running back second overall to signing a bevy of useless free agents the past few seasons, somebody needs to be held accountable for the decisions that have been made. It is simply mind-boggling that three years into a rebuild, the New York Football Giants are unable to secure a win in the first five games of the season.

Remember, they faced off against the worst defense in the NFL and Dallas history on Sunday, and couldn’t even stop Andy Dalton in the second half after Prescott left the game with a broken ankle. This contest should’ve been an easy win toward the end of the game, but the Giants found a way to lose. Whether that is on the coaching staff or the players, at some point, there will need to be a change.

We can list the awful decisions Gettleman has made since his inception in 2018, but I wouldn’t want to force you to relive those awful mistakes. Of course, the hiring of Pat Shurmur has come and gone, Barkley will have missed more games than he’s played after the 2020 season, and the offensive line is a wreck.

What do the Giants have to show for years of patients and asking the fan base to stick with them? Nothing. Changes must be made, and someone must be held accountable, and all signs point towards Dave Gettleman.

Ownership usually doesn’t fire general managers mid-season. Considering Gettleman is a friend of the Mara’s and part of the Giants’ coaching lineage, I doubt they will make that decision this season. Allowing him to retire gracefully after the campaign has ended seems to be the likely scenario, but you never know, as Mara could go on one of his stories rages and clean house at any given moment.

I certainly wouldn’t be surprised as the team continues to flounder like a fish out of water for the fourth consecutive season.

With that being said, I believe head coach Joe Judge should be spared. He has shown enough in terms of in-game adjustments and clock management to retain his job. There’s tons of potential left with the first-year head coach, and the first thing should be providing him with a capable general manager that matches up with his style of play. Clearly, Gettleman is incapable of providing him with the necessary pieces to build a roster around.

I would be remiss not to mention the offenses schematics, which have proven to be vanilla through five weeks. While the Giants managed to start the game strong against Dallas, injecting some creativity, it was the first we have seen this year from Jason Garrett.