New York Giants: What if Kyler Murray Drops to the 6th Pick?

Could the New York Giants grab Kyler Murray with the 6th overall pick?

The Arizona Cardinals taking Kyler Murray with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft is merely an assumption. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury advocated for the abilities of Josh Rosen this week, stating that he has been nothing short of exemplary ever since he took over. The fact of the matter is, the New York Giants have a very real shot at grabbing Murray with the 6th overall pick.

Murray is the top quarterback in a rather weak class, and drafting him would put the Giants in a position to feature a dual-threat quarterback that has pin-point accuracy and devastating running abilities.

In 2018, he managed 4,361 passing yards and 1001 rushing. He totaled 54 touchdowns. The skill set Murray possessed makes him one of the more high-risk, high reward players in the draft, but the risk isn’t as great as most think. compared him with Russell Wilson, a player capable of changing the course of the game in the blink of an eye and acting as a perennial Pro Bowler.

The New York Giants would have to change their entire philosophy:

Being that Murray would be the most undersized passer in the NFL, it would require the Giants to re-think their playbook and offensive approach. Utilizing him in a dynamic offense that would increase RPOs and promote unpredictability would be the ideology. However, his lack of size would make him vulnerable against strong defensive linemen.

Having a stellar offensive line would be a necessity if Murray is to play at a high level. Allowing him time to throw the ball and make running a last-resort habit would elevate his game and maintain his health.

One of the more exciting aspects of Murray is his ability to rise to the occasion and stay calm when the goings get tough. He’s a leader through example and will elevate the players around him by simply giving it his all. His interviews have been somewhat burdensome, but his natural ability is so attractive that it puts the lack of existence and positivity during his interviews in the backseat.

I don’t necessarily believe that Murray will fall to the 6th overall pick, but it’s more than possible given we don’t know the priorities of the teams ahead. Most have their franchise quarterbacks and won’t add another unnecessary piece to the puzzle. If the Cardinals pass on him, a team will likely have to trade up to acquire the quarterback.

The Giants are in a better spot than most think:

The teams ahead of the Giants aren’t in dire need of a young passer, especially with 2020 presenting a slew of talented options. The 49ers, Jets, Raiders, and Buccanneers all pick after the Cardinals and before the Giants. None are looking for a passer given the defensive talent present in this draft, which gives the Giants a decent shot at grabbing him at No. 6 given no other team trades up.


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