New York Giants unlikely to restart rebuilding before deadline

Cay North
New York Giants, Kevin Zeitler
Aug 29, 2019; Foxborough, MA, USA; New York Giants offensive guard Kevin Zeitler (70) watches the game during the second half against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

The current rebuild for the New York Giants isn’t going as planned, but it doesn’t look like the traditionally patient franchise is going to deviate from their usual trends and blow it all up after this season. Of course, with the trade deadline approaching around the league, this would be the time to start if the Giants were going to head in that direction. But we haven’t seen many moves coming from the team yet and according to a report from the New York Post, we might not see those moves at all.

“Insiders say there will be no fire sale,” the article from Paul Schwartz reports while acknowledging the team might have a couple moves in the near future. That would mean that speculated trades involving Kevin Zeitler or Evan Engram will probably remain in that realm of speculation for now.

It’s rather obvious why the Giants aren’t likely to move Zeitler even if they can get something in return for him. Most likely, they’d like the protection for Daniel Jones to not get even worse. It’s already been subpar with factors such as Andrew Thomas’ slow start playing into it. But without Zeitler, the situation would be worse. And Andrew Luck and his time with the Colts provided a good example of why it’s important to have actual protection for a young quarterback – even if that quarterback can take hits.

Evan Engram likely to be here for the future

On the other hand, the Giants still see a worth in Evan Engram and it appears they think his value is higher than what they can get on the market. According to the talent evaluator that spoke to the New York Post, the Giants could get a fourth or fifth round pick for Engram at most. If that at all.

The more meager potential haul probably won’t be enough to convince the Giants to move on from Engram. While some moves are possible before the trade deadline, the fans will probably be stuck watching Engram for further seasons to come regardless of what they think of him after losing the game against Philadelphia.

Whether this more conservative approach from the Giants leading up to the deadline benefits or hurts the team remains to be seen. We probably won’t know the answer until the future when the results of these moves or non-moves pan out.