New York Giants: Training camp dates set, here’s what to expect

New York Giants rookie quarterback, Daniel Jones during voluntary OTAs.

Football is just around the corner. Finally, NFL fans can be excited for the official start of training camp. The New York Giants finally get a chance to break in the new offensive and defensive system. However, fans will not be in attendance; sadly, at least we can watch from twitter. So far, fans should expect a training camp like no other. It’s going to be different this year.

Just recently, Troy Vincent Sr. sent out an official letter stating the start of training camp and the reporting dates for players.

Rookies report on July 21st.

Rookies will be the first players to arrive at training camp. Once they arrive, they will get tested and start to meet with the coaching staff. Finally, the 2020 draft class gets to meet Joe Judge in person and not have to see him over a zoom call. I’m super excited about this. I think it’s smart to get the rookies at training camp first because they’re the ones who need to adjust to camp life. In the meantime, don’t expect to see all the players on the field at once, or even in the facilities at the same time.

Quarterbacks and injured players report July 23rd.

This is where it gets interesting, quarterbacks will be on scene meeting with the rookies and coaching staff on July 23rd. Also, why make the injured players come now? They should stay at home if you can only have up to 20 players in the facility at once. The players who are ready to go should be the only ones there besides the coaching staff.

All other New York Giants players report July 28th.

For the Giants, this means guys like Saquon, Shep, Tate, and Slayton would arrive at camp on the 28th. Since they’re the last ones to get there, I hope no Giants’ players test positive for COVID before they arrive. This would be a major set back and could push back training camp even further.

Overall, a lot is going on in the next few weeks. Hopefully, players stay safe and healthy and get back on the field with a full roster. Once the NFL gets adjuted to playing through a pandemic, they’ll figure out how the season will unfold from there.