New York Giants: This Is Davis Webb’s Time To Shine

With the New York Giants reporting to training camp on Sunday, the football season is gearing up and preparing itself to take full form. We have waited far too long to enjoy a Sunday showdown, but with only seven weeks let until the home opener, there’s reason for excitement.

One player in specific will be looking to make a splash in training camp and pre-season, his name is Davis Webb. The second-year quarterback spent his rookie season learning behind Eli Manning and adapting to a pro-style offense. His relentless mentality to improve and desire to succeed will aid him in his journey to lock up the starting job once Manning calls it quits.

The pre-season represents the best opportunity to date for Webb, who was looked over in 2017 when Manning was benched in favor of Geno smith…Bad memories. Things are on the up and up for Big Blue, and with a new offensive line and starlet Saquon Barkley, Webb will likely have a solid debut.

Here’s a clip of a nice throw from Webb, delivering the ball right in the breadbasket of a running Travis Rudolph. This was in his rookie season. In 2018, things should look even better.

If you’re looking for a an in-depth breakdown of Webb’s pre-season game versus the Patriots, here’s a great clip.

What should our expectations be in 2018 for Davis Webb?

Webb will officially be coined the backup for Manning, whereas he was a third-string behind Smith last season. It’s essential that he continues to develop and progress as the season moves forward. While Manning has never missed a game due to injury, you can never be too careful in the NFL. Personally, I believe Webb is a solid option and I’m optimistic he can be the future of the franchise with a bit of live-game experience under his belt. The pre-season should deliver just that.