New York Giants: The ‘Perfect’ Draft Scenario – Fixing the Most Holes

New York Giants, Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley

Filling positions of weakness with talent is far more difficult than it seems. Every Twitter manager on the planet could comprise a plan to fix the New York Giants, but the reality is, no player represents guaranteed success, no matter the level of talent.

Injuries and failure to translate makeup two of the primary factors that mitigate success at the NFL level. A subsequent ‘perfect’ draft can be broken down by the amount of draft capital spent to fill positions of need, and how that position is valued.

For example, the quarterback position is valued higher than the wide receiver, making a player like Arizona Cardinals passer Josh Rosen very precious. The Giants will look towards the 2019 draft with three things in mind – finding the succor for Eli Manning, solving the right tackle predicament, and adding a premium pass-rusher.

How can the New York Giants carry out this challenge?

It’s not very often that a top-10 draft pick from the year before becomes available for a second-round pick, especially one with as much talent as Rosen. It’s generally unknown if the Cardinals are looking to shop Rosen or if they plan to keep him and fill the media with smoke as they target a pass-rusher.

However, if Rosen is available for trade, the Giants shouldn’t hesitate to give up the No. 37 (second round) pick for him. He’s a top-tier pocket passer with the ability to make all the throws and move the ball down the field. He’s also more athletic than most give him credit for.

Essentially, grabbing Rosen would allow the Giants to utilize the 6th and 17th pick on the remaining positions of weakness. General manager Dave Gettleman could go ahead and draft the top edge defender available and proceed to fill the right tackle position with premium talent. Options like Jawaan Taylor and Andre Dillard could be on the board in the middle of the first round.

This would put them in a great position going into 2020 – nearly $100 million in cap-space and lesser value positions to fill. Linebacker, safety, cornerback, and wideout would be the expected soft spots. Those are position money can certainly fill while they build around costly positions filled with young players on their rookie deals.