New York Giants Still Pick Second, Predicted To Take Chase Young

The New York Giants scared their fans on Sunday by beating the Miami Dolphins, which not only broke their losing streak but endangered their draft position. While fans obviously weren’t happy about the streak, at this point in the season it seems like losing out might be the best option long term. The Giants won’t improve without a strong draft and the difference in picking one or two spots lower could have a large impact on the amount of success the Giants have with their rebuild.

However, it doesn’t look like anyone has to worry about the Giants slipping in their draft position just yet. They’ve survived the week without dropping, and would still pick second overall if the draft were to happen today. The Bengals are, of course, the team that’s ahead of them right now – and if the Bengals take Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Joe Burrow with the first pick, it would leave the Giants to take the defensive player that they’re looking for: pass rusher Chase Young.

In Todd McShay’s first mock draft for 2020, the Giants select Young while picking at second overall – a prediction that will surprise absolutely nobody.

The Giants need help everywhere, especially on defense. Enter Young and his 16.5 sacks. New York hasn’t had anyone hit double-digit sacks since 2014 (Jason Pierre-Paul, 12.5), and Young is the best edge-rushing prospect I’ve seen since Von Miller entered the draft. The Heisman Trophy finalist would be a fantastic get for this rebuilding club.

For that prediction to pan out, however, the Giants will need to hold onto the pick, which is easier said than done. Losing out might be a must, since the Dolpins and the Redskins currently have the same record and the Giants only hold the number two spot by virtue of complex tiebreakers.

If the Redskins or Dolphins lose out and the Giants win one of their next two games, the Giants’ hopes of getting the player that they need from this draft will drop dramatically – so ironically enough, fans may just have to hope the team continues to do what it’s done for most of this season, and lose the last two games to ensure that Chase Young is available when the Giants make their pick next year in the Draft.