New York Giants Still One Of The World’s Most Valuable Teams


The New York Giants haven’t been winning recently, but that hasn’t taken away from the value of the team very much. Forbes recently came out with their list of the most valuable sports teams, updated for 2020, and New York sports fans will likely be happy with the placement of some of their teams near the top.

The Giants came in at number ten, where they’re tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Their rivals the Dallas Cowboys came in at the top spot but the Giants are actually the third most valuable team in the NFL. Only the Cowboys and Patriots came in higher than them, though the Giants are also beat out by a couple of other New York sports teams.

Who are the most valuable teams?

Both the Yankees and Knicks are ranked higher than the Giants, with the Yankees coming in at number two behind Dallas. Their valuation has surpassed Real Madrid, which is a major accomplishment considering Real Madrid and their sport of soccer have a following across more of the world than baseball does.

The valuation for the Giants isn’t anything to scoff at, though, even if they’re only the third most valuable team in New York. Forbes listed the team value as 3.3 billion, which is still a high cost even by the standard of buying an NFL team.

The Giants didn’t gain any value this year, however, which is probably a side effect of their poor results in recent years. The team is one of the most historic in the league, and has a massive and loyal fanbase, but those fans have been put to the test by a franchise that’s finished in the bottom section of the league in the past few years.

The 0% growth in value should serve as a reminder to the ownership going into this season – the fans are patient, sure, but if the Giants want to continue as one of the elite franchises of the world, they’ll have to finally start winning again and justify the support they get from the fanbase.