New York Giants Still Committed To Injury Plagued Evan Engram

New York Giants, Evane Engram

The New York Giants haven’t exactly gotten what they expected when they drafted Evan Engram, but the team still remains committed to the tight end according to Paul Schwartz. Engram has, of coursed, missed significant time over the past couple of years with injuries and hasn’t been able to get back to the level of play from his rookie season.  But despite these problems, the Giants aren’t thinking of a move that would send Engram away and stop the bleeding while getting something back while they still can.

According to the New York Post, it wasn’t even a move that the Giants considered making this offseason.

Stop asking.

Evan Engram is returning for a fourth season with the Giants, and no, the new coaching regime did not consider dumping him.

Before the trade deadline, Engram was supposedly one of the untouchable players that the Giants wouldn’t consider moving. It seems their commitment to keeping him has remained strong, although it raises questions about why the organization has so much faith in a player that hasn’t been able to achieve his potential and hasn’t even been able to stay on the field for a significant chunk of his career.

During his rookie season, Engram had an impressive 6 touchdowns and 722 yards, and most fans believed that subsequent years would improve upon that performance. That hasn’t quite been the case with Engram not being able to stay healthy for much of the time during the next two seasons, and a yards count which decreased in both 2018 and 2019.

Still, it looks like Engram is the answer for the Giants when it comes to pass catching tight ends, simply because the organization won’t consider moving on from him. Is it for the better? That may depend on Engram’s performance this year. A third straight mediocre season, after all, would say something about the odds of Engram reaching the potential he showed as a college prospect and later as a rookie.