New York Giants: Sterling Shepard Very Positive On Concussion Recovery

New York Giants, Sterling Shepard

It looks like the talks about the New York Giants having to find a new main receiving weapon due to Sterling Shepard potentially retiring won’t come true after all. Shepard has missed a lot of time this year due to receiving not one but two concussions, but it looks like the receiver is feeling a lot better after spending an extended time out after the second one and focusing on recovery rather than getting onto the field quickly.

It didn’t take long for the subject of the concussions to come up after the Giants’ loss to the Bears, which was also the game that Shepard made his return to the field in – and while he chose not to go into details, Shepard did give some valuable insight.

“It was all good things…” Shepard said when asked about what he was told by specialists about the matter. “Long term stuff is out of the picture.”

Many feared that the concussions would have long term effects and force Shepard out for longer than just this season thanks to how quickly they happened, over the course of a few weeks rather than a more typical longer time span. It looks like those worries can be forgotten, though, at least if the words of Shepard’s doctors hold true down the stretch.

Of course, Shepard made his return to regular action too late into the season to make a serious difference no matter how he plays, but it might help anyway to have him around – rookie quarterback Daniel Jones hasn’t had very much time to play alongside Shepard yet, despite Shepard getting a new contract to become the team’s top receiver during the same offseason where Jones was drafted as the team’s future quarterback.

How will the connection do when tested in the regular season? That’s something that’s impossible to answer right now due to the limited game film on the two players working together, but with Shepard optimistic about his prospects for the future, that could change in the remaining games of the season.