New York Giants Slowly Reopening Facilities

New York Giants, Quest Diagnostics training center

The New York Giants haven’t been having a normal offseason up to this point, just like the other teams in the NFL, but things are starting to turn around as shutdowns are being reversed and the sporting world is able to start making a return. The NFL has begun allowing teams to open their facilities once again and after the state of New Jersey also gave the go ahead for this, the Giants have begun opening their own facilities – but the process doesn’t look like it’s going to be a fast one.

According to Kimberly Jones from NFL Network, the Giants have only brought back 15 to 20 people so far. None of them are players and, more significantly than that, none f them are coaches. Rather, it seems like it’s just support staff and front office members returning to the facilities for now. However, that doesn’t mean it’s just lesser known personnel showing up, as John Mara was also reportedly at his office.

The Giants have already lost some valuable hands on time working with their players before the start of the preseason and they’ll likely end up losing some more in the time between now and the start of training camp. According to reports from Adam Schefter, the league isn’t expecting players to make a return to facilities until training camp.

Discussions about when to allow players to return are ongoing, sources said, and neither the NFL nor any teams have announced official dates for when training camp will begin.

That means that even if the Giants are opening their training facilities now, fans shouldn’t expect too much to come of it until a bit later in the summer when training camp is supposed to be held. There won’t be many complaints about that, however. The situation is better than some imagined it would be by this time of the year, and while the Giants will have to wait to bring their players back, it looks like no drastic actions such as cancelling training camp altogether or moving it from the usual location will have to be taken.

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