New York Giants: Should The Giants Get Involved In The Blockbuster Trade Talks?

The NFL is about to be set on fire. Multiple blockbuster trades are “imminent” and could go down within the next 24 to 48 hours. Luckily for the New York Giants, all players involved in these trade rumors are at some of the Giants’ positions of need.

The Giants have been a poor team for the past two seasons, finishing 3-13 then 5-11. New York has numerous holes on the roster, causing them to sink to the bottom of the league in recency. But now, with only two weeks until the 2019 regular season kicks off, the NFL is about to see a few star players traded. These players could fill some gaping holes on the Giants’ roster.

The Offensive Tackles:

Trent Williams:

Trent Williams, a stalwart left tackle from the division rival Washington Redskins is likely to be traded. Williams has been having a dispute with his team and has made it public that he has no intention of playing for Washington ever again.

This leaves the Redskins in a slippery situation where they need to trade one of their team’s best players. They were offered a first-round pick from the Patriots but declined this offer. The price for veteran Trent Williams is steep and the Giants already have a starting left tackle in Nate Solder. So this is a trade that the Giants likely would not be able to make.

Laremy Tunsil:

The Dolphins are in the middle of a total rebuild. Miami has 500-1 odds to win the Super Bowl in 2019 and is looking to collect more assets. This could mean a departure for the team’s young and impressive offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil.

Teams have inquired on Laremy Tunsil and made trade offers, but the Dolphins have declined the trades. But maybe the Giants could send an enticing offer to Miami. Tunsil has the ability to play left tackle or right tackle. The Giants do not need a left tackle, but they could use an upgrade on the right side.

Laremy Tunsil is an excellent pass-blocker. In 2018, Tunsil allowed only 2 sacks on the year. This would be a massive upgrade at right tackle. Mike Remmers allowed 7 sacks last year and Chad Wheeler allowed 5. Tunsil is 25 years old and heading into a contract year. If the Giants acquire Laremy, they will have to pay him, but they will receive a building block for the future on their offensive line.

Tunsil will not come cheap. If the Redskins want more than one first-round pick for Williams at 31 years old, the Giants might be looking at a similar price tag for Laremy Tunsil. If somehow the Giants can get Laremy Tunsil without giving up a first-round pick, it would be an incredible acquisition.

Jadeveon Clowney:

The Giants’ pass-rush has been disappointing in the preseason. Lorenzo Carter has not mustered a sack and there have been times where opposing quarterbacks have been able to sit comfortably in the pocket for extended periods of time. The Giants could make a blockbuster trade to help resolve this issue.

Former first overall draft pick Jadeveon Clowney is on the trade block. He is expected to be traded in the coming days. Clowney will come with an enormous price tag but would be a mega upgrade for the Giants’ defense. Jadeveon had 9 sacks in 2018 and will look to increase that number with a team where he is the main pass-rusher.

Clowney is considered an elite edge defender according to Pro Football Focus. They note that he is much better against the run but still an above-average pass-rusher. Either way, the impact would be felt tremendously for the Giants. His run-defense is elite and the Giants’ defense struggles in both facets of the game.

All three of these players will come with extremely high price tags, but Jadeveon Clowney’s would be the highest. A trade for Clowney would require at least one or two first-round picks and some high-caliber players, too. These trades will get made soon, and the Giants should definitely consider getting into the trade talks. But the price tags might prove to be a smidge too high for Dave Gettleman and co.

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