New York Giants select LB Cam Brown out of Penn State – here’s what you need to know

New York Giants, Cam Brown

With the 183rd pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the New York Giants selected Cam Brown, LB from Penn State. The 2020 draft so far has been awsome for the Giants. Joe Judge and Dave Gettleman are doing a great job filling the holes the Giants have needed for years on both sides of the ball.

What you need to know 

Cam Brown is 6’5″,  233 Ibs, has great closing speed, and uses his length to his advantage. Brown is a perfect size linebacker that can make an impact from day one. The Giants needed to add depth to their linebacker chart and certainly did with this pick.

Some of his strengths

Brown is a guy who does an above-average job of covering ground laterally, something the Giants haven’t had in an LB in years. Brown is refined in recognizing the run and taking great angles on outside or inside run plays.

This is a guy who is looking for action, Brown loves to fly around the field and make players pay for coming down his lane. He also brings the boom, not afraid to give it his all and run full speed into players. The biggest strength is how Brown has the ability to be used in blitz packages.

It doesn’t matter if its right up the gut, or even from the slot. This is something the Giants haven’t had in years, a linebacker than get make the quarterback feel uncomfortable in the pocket.

What Brown Needs to work on 

Brown has a great body frame, but it would benefit him if he added on some more muscle. Brown also needs to play more under control, sometimes he gets too aggressive and over pursues plays. He does a great job of getting to the right spot, but eventually overruns plays and basically takes himself out of plays. Could work on his zone coverage, is average in that category. A big concern is his open-field tackling, something than can be fixed but will take some time.

What potential does Brown have?

Brown is a player that might not be a day one starter but can climb his way into a starting role. If Brown works hard this offseason to get bigger and works on playing more disciplined football, you will be seeing a lot of him. This kid has so much potential with his size and closing speed, something the Giants have been searching for. GM Dave Gettleman and coach Joe Judge may have just found a true gem in the sixth round.