New York Giants: Saquon Barkley Tweets To 2019 NFL Combine Class

New York Giants running back, Saquon Barkley.

The NFL Combine might be considered pointless to some, but NFL teams including the New York Giants still pay enough attention to it to send scouts each and every year to check out the top prospects leading up to the draft. This year will be no exception, and there’s several players that the Giants will be keeping an eye on, at multiple positions ranging from quarterback to offensive line.

Participating under pressure in front of scouts from the league, of course, can be an overwhelming experience. It’s one that Saquon Barkley went through last year leading up to the draft where he was selected second overall by the Giants, and Barkley is qualified to give advice on the subject to this year’s group of players who are getting ready to experience the same thing.

Barkley delivered this advice over Twitter, reminding players that whether or not they use the combine to their advantage, they have a chance for success. There’s definitely several players that could use the advice that are on the radar of the New York Giants, including two of the players that have been linked the closest to the Giants and the sixth overall draft pick.

Kyler Murray has been speculated a lot about by the fanbase, and there’s reports that Murray is bulking up in preparation for the combine already, in an attempt to go from MLB to NFL size. Dwayne Haskins Jr. is the more popular prediction, though, when it comes to the Giants’ pick and Haskins will also participate in the combine, giving scouts a chance to compare both of the two top quarterback prospects in the draft side by side.

The combine will be worth at least keeping an eye on as it comes up soon, because even if the results from it aren’t the deciding factor in the long run, it is something to do during the offseason and it always helps to know more about the available prospects.