New York Giants reveal uniform lineup for 2021 season

New York Giants, Shane Lemeiux

This season marks the 10th anniversary of the New York Giants title winning season in 2011, and that will of course come with the expected festivities.

One part of that which may surprise some fans, however, is different uniform choices this year. The Giants announced their lineup of uniforms on Monday, and there’s some changes from the normal options with one of them being directly related to the 10th anniversary celebration.

The main change that can be spotted in the image the team posted is that the away uniforms will now include white pants with a red stripe rather than the usual grey.

The Giants are set to debut those pants when they take on the Saints in week 4, before they pull out their Super Bowl XLVI uniform combination once again a bit later in week 7 when they take on the Rams in a home game.

The team’s color rush uniforms also remain and will be used for two games, which are scheduled back to back. That stretch will come during weeks 11 and 12 when the Giants face the defending champions Tampa Bay on Monday Night Football and then take on their divisional rival, the Eagles.

These uniforms are still set to include white pants to match a white jersey as well as an alternate retro helmet with the “GIANTS” wordmark.

The uniforms this season earned a good reaction from Eli Manning, who commented about the announcement on Twitter.


What do you think? Do the new white pants look good, or should the Giants have stuck with silver? And do the white color rush jerseys still look good, or should they be blue this season instead?

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