New York Giants: Retirement not off the table for OT Nate Solder

New York Giants, Nate Solder
Sep 22, 2019; Tampa, FL, USA;New York Giants offensive tackle Nate Solder (76) blocks during the second half at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Solder is one face that we haven’t seen this season for the New York Giants. While Solder was one of the most high profile additions when he joined the team, he chose to opt out of this season due to his son’s health problems with cancer. Obviously, Solder has been taking increased precautions with coronavirus because of that health situation. And for the most part, we haven’t heard from Solder since then.

The Giants have moved on the best they could. Andrew Thomas was drafted at Solder’s position and the offensive line has reached a stable spot right now, even without Solder. But will we see the tackle again, or will the Giants move on permanently after figuring things out without him this season?

Nate Solder uncertain on future

Based on what he’s said to the New York Post, it doesn’t look like even Nate Solder has all the answers about his future right now. We may see him suit up for the Giants again, or we may not. The decision hasn’t been made yet, but we do know from his own words that Solder is at peace with it if a return doesn’t happen and this does spell the end of his career.

“I feel like I’m in such a blessed position because I’ve had a window into what life after football is going to look like. If it ends like this, I really enjoy what I’m doing and the opportunities I have,” Solder said. He also said that his retirement won’t necessarily come right now, however. “That does not mean it’s going to happen now. It could be in two, three years. I have not made that decision yet.”

But he also claims that the time away hasn’t taken away his playing skills. He still has, in his words, the ability to physically perform at a high level.

“Mentally, I’m getting healthy and I feel strong, and I have some pieces together that I didn’t have at this time last year. I’m going to wait to see what happens and what the possibilities are,” Solder added.

Looking to the future

Solder’s time on the field with the Giants has been shaky as best so far and the team drafted a player in the top five to play his position this year. Even without opting out, it looked like the Giants were making eventual plans to move on. So, it won’t be that surprising if the Giants ultimately do decide beyond this season that sticking with their current offensive line is better than adding Solder back into the mix.

But nothing is set in stone yet. And until next year when things will likely go back to normal in the NFL and opted out players return, it’s hard to say just what the exact outcome will be. As for Solder, he’s already a two time Super Bowl champion with the Patriots. If he wanted to walk away right now, he can easily do so as a fairly accomplished player.