New York Giants restructuring James Bradberry’s contract to save cap space

New York Giants, James Bradberry

The New York Giants are in a bad cap situation right now, and their latest roster move reflects that. The team has restructured a number of contracts this season to keep from going over the salary cap, and the latest restructuring involves top cornerback James Bradberry and saves another $2.7M in cap space.

The Giants are restructuring Bradberry’s contract for the second time in the past seven months, which goes to show how bad their cap problems have gotten. The original deal that Bradberry signed when joining the team was for three years and $45M.

The move to clear more cap space could be viewed as an emergency play by Dave Gettleman, who likely intends to use the freed up cap space to make more roster changes following injuries to multiple positions including the offensive line and the inside linebacker spot.

This season is arguably Gettleman’s last chance to save his job, and his decisions going forward this season will likely reflect that reality.

As for Bradberry, the cornerback has been on the field for the vast majority of the Giants’ defensive snaps this season and recorded a pass defended in each of the opening three games of the season.

His lone interception this year came against Washington, and gave the offense a chance to put the game away after taking over the ball – that chance, of course, fell flat as the Giants ended up losing the game anyway.

Gettleman’s move to free up cap space will only push that money further down the line to a future season. At this point, however, it doesn’t look like the Giants GM cares much about that factor as he likely won’t have the job next season at this rate.

With Gettleman’s job in imminent trouble, we can expect to see more changes made to the roster which will require more spending despite the team’s already expansive spending spree during the offseason.

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