New York Giants Reportedly Not In Love With Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen has been a name brought up for the last season or so when it comes to which quarterback the New York Giants could potentially trade for if they decide against using the draft to strengthen the position, and there was even a time when many thought Rosen would be drafted by New York coming out of college, but it looks like the team might not be interested based on what they’ve seen of Rosen so far in the league.

ESPN’s Jordan Raanan is very convinced that the team isn’t a fan of Rosen and the possibility of making a trade for the current Arizona Cardinals quarterback.

“Here’s what I know, not what I think, but what I know. The Giants are not in love with Josh Rosen. Fact,” Raanan told the Breaking Big Blue podcast.

It’s not hard to come up with reasons why the team wouldn’t be interested in Rosen, and the safest option by far would be to find any other player to fill the role of Eli Manning’s successor. On the field, Rosen didn’t exactly do much to revitalize a Cardinals team that’s picking number one overall, and had more interceptions than touchdowns while finishing close to the bottom of the league in passing yards.

Off the field, it’s easy to imaging the overly outspoken Rosen getting into clashes with the somewhat notorious New York media.

“If he’s going to cost a fairly high amount in returns of capital and return, his value, if it’s a second-round pick, I don’t think the Giants will go in that direction. Any of the first-round picks, forget about it,” Raanan also said.

“They don’t love him as a player. There’s concerns about whether his personality will hold up in New York, and he’s the type of leader you need at quarterback. There’s nothing in the past year that took those concerns and eliminated them, so they still exist.”

It also doesn’t look good on Rosen that the Cardinals are already regretting their decision and moving on from him after spending the 10th overall pick to acquire him in the same draft that saw Saquon Barkley join the Giants.

Should the Giants spend to trade for a player that the Cardinals are giving up on rather quickly, when rookie quarterbacks typically get multiple years to work on improving? Probably not. And it looks like that’s the stance that the Giants have right now.

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