New York Giants: Recapping all Quarterback Options Ahead of 2019 NFL Draft

Could the New York Giants draft Dwayne Haskins with the No. 6 overall pick?
Nov 10, 2018; East Lansing, MI, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Dwayne Haskins (7) drops back to pass the ball during the first quarter of a game against the Michigan State Spartans at Spartan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2019 NFL Draft sneaking up on us, the New York Giants are in a position to grab their next franchise quarterback, but who will it be?

Taking a look at the different available options could be endless, so we will jump into the most talked about passers that could make sense for the Giants and their scheme.

Five quarterbacks the New York Giants have been linked to:

1.) Kyler Murray

The dual-threat passer has been linked to several teams including the Giants. The Arizona Cardinals have led the pack in terms of speculation, as rumors have indicated that the No. 1 overall pick in the draft could be spent on the Oklahoma star.

Murray is equally talented across the board of attributes – running, anticipation, arm strength, etc. His skills make him an attractive option for the Giants, but they would likely have to trade up to acquire him if the Cardinals seriously considering him. If that’s the case, the No. 1 pick might not even be for sale, unless Big Blue is willing to unload a ton of draft capital to make a run at him.

2.) Dwayne Haskins

The Ohio State star passer is a great alternative to Murray to take over after Eli Manning’s inevitable departure. Haskins is a pure pocket passer with the ability to command and lead an offense. His 50 TDs and 8 INTs in 2018 set records and propelled him to the top of draft boards.

His silky throwing motion and football intelligence make him extremely appealing, but the Giants might find that his value might be masked by a weak quarterback class. They could resort to lesser options that have plenty of upside and allocate their first-round picks towards the defense.

Haskins will likely be available with the No. 6 overall pick, and the Giants shouldn’t hesitate to grab him if they truly want to quiet the critics who feel the quarterback position is an essential need ahead of Manning’s apparent final season.

3.) Josh Rosen

The rumors surrounding Rosen have come in droves, but the grapevine has gone silent in recent days. A report emerged that the Cardinals might elect to keep Rosen and draft Murray anyway, ensuring they have a backup plan. They could always trade Rosen later in hopes of extracting similar value, but I imagine his stock will drop if they wait until after the draft to part ways with the former UCLA star.

The Giants could utilize a quarterback like Rosen nicely in their short/intermediate scheme. The current Cardinal has fantastic touch on the ball and offers some of the purest footwork in the game.

Despite being beaten up over 55 sacks in 2018, Rosen should be able to bounce back triumphantly. The Giants have done a nice job piecing their offensive line back together and would offer the young option plenty of protection to operate at a high level.

4.) Will Grier

The West Virginia quarterback is all heart and soul when it comes to football. He’s a natural born leader with a solid ceiling. He’s one of those 2-3rd round players that could pay off dividends in the future. Grier is an attacking quarterback – he takes shots, risks and everything in-between. Adding him to the offense would immediately make them an intimidating unit with a fierce leader.

However, his cons will be hard to correct. Lack of arm talent, strength, and sloppy footwork have been a few of the more significant knocks. There’s a lot to correct at the professional level, but sitting for a year behind Manning could be exactly what he needs to unlock his potential.

5.) Daniel Jones

Many have looked at Jones and coined him a replica of Manning – don’t be afraid, he’s far from that. Jones is actually quite athletic with a 4.81 40-yard-dash and solid agility. He has the confidence to take off running and pick up yards with his legs in dire situations.

The Duke signal caller could offer solid value with the No. 17 pick or if the Giants elected to trade back into the first round with their second-rounder (37th pick). One of the more noticeable knocks is in relation to his stats. A 60.5 completion percentage adding up to 2,674 yards and 22 interceptions have turned many off to his potential, but when you consider the 38 dropped passes by his receivers things seem to add up.

Jones has pure talent that could elevate after a learning year behind Manning, but it comes down to the quality of talent the Giants want to acquire. Personally, when it comes to quarterback, you have to grab the best option available when you have the No. 6 overall pick in the draft.

5.) Drew Lock

The Giants brought Lock in for a visit as part of their top-30 recently. His prototypical quarterback frame makes him appealing, as well as his 4.69 40-yard dash time.

Lock has fantastic arm talent and vision around the field, he’s a full-field reader, allowing him to process defenses and work through his progressions well. His arm strength and risky nature make him a high upside player that could be extremely influential on a Giants offense that’s prepared to take deep shots.

Inconsistency with accuracy and touch have hurt Lock’s draft stock, but these are technical aspects that can be refined at the next level. He’s another option that would benefit tremendously from sitting behind Manning for a season.