New York Giants: Ranking the 3 best free agent signings this past offseason

New York Giants, James Bradberry

Without the New York Giants’ free-agent signings this past off-season, they would not be in a position to compete for first place in the NFC East and a potential playoff spot.

The Giants took down the Philadelphia Eagles in week 10, the first time they have won at home against this team since 2016. This victory was a huge blow to a Philadelphia team that was a clear favorite in the NFC East-leading up to this contest.

Beating them by a 10 point margin was significant, and it showed how far the Giants have come in such a short period of time. They previously lost to an Eagles squad that was down several players in the waning moments. The reality, the Giants, should’ve won that game as well and are currently 3-2 in the division. With the Dallas Cowboys trending down, they should be able to overcome them in week 17. The race for a playoff spot may come down to that matchup.

The three best New York Giants free-agent signings from this past offseason:

1.) James Bradberry

Without the signing of James Bradberry, the Giants would be nowhere close to the team they are right now. Hosting a 74.2 overall grade this year, Bradberry has allowed just 26 yards and three receptions over the last two games.

He has been elite in coverage, starting off the season even better, limiting star receiver Allen Robinson to just one catch and 14 yards, including an interception and three pass breakups. On the year, Bradberry has 32 combined tackles, 14 passes defended and has allowed a 61.5% completion rate. He has missed a few tackles and allowed three touchdowns, but overall, these numbers seem to be anomalies in the grand scheme.

Signing him to a three-year, $43.5 million deal, this is seeming to be a steal of a contract for one of the best corners in football.