New York Giants: Possible QB Target Undecided On 2019 Draft

Now that the offseason is here, the NFL Draft will be focused on by fans from around the league, but by Giants fans in particular. The team has the sixth overall pick, and most believe that the Giants will either take an offensive or defensive lineman or a quarterback.

However, it’s looking more and more like a lineman would be the obvious choice. Oregon’s Justin Herbert announced not long ago that he would be returning for another season in college. And even after winning the Rose Bowl, Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins Jr. is still undecided on the issue of the NFL Draft.

It’s widely believed that Haskins would be an upper first round draft pick if he chose to come out of college this year, but there’s no guarantee that happens. “I still have a lot of time making the decision, working with my family and teammates and coaches to figure out what’s best for me,” said Haskins, following Ohio State’s win over Washington in the Rose Bowl.

Haskins has only started one season, after backing up J.T. Barrett last year. However, the redshirt sophomore has done enough in that one year to get NFL interest despite being projected below other quarterbacks such as Justin Herbert and Will Grier when the year began.

Drafting a quarterback may or may not be the best move for the New York Giants. There’s other needs to fill and while it looks like Eli Manning could be done sometime in the near future, he won’t be leaving immediately. But if the Giants do want to take a quarterback, it’s likely that Haskins is one of the top ones on their draft board.

Whether or not Haskins declares for the draft could alter who the Giants end up picking, so it will be interesting to see when a decision comes and what that decision eventually is. After all, there’s a good chance that if they do go the quarterback route, Haskins is the right man for them this year.