New York Giants: Pat Shurmur Already In Running For New OC Job

New York Giants, Pat Shurmur

Few thought that New York Giants coach Pat Shurmur would be immediately in the running for a new job after his two years with the New York Giants, which will definitely be remembered more for their losses than any high point, but that’s exactly the case as the Washington Redskins are taking a look at Shurmur. But it’s not for the head coaching spot. No, they’re considering Shurmur as an offensive coordinator option.

That’s the position that Shurmur came from, of course. He was the offensive coordinator for the Vikings before coming to the Giants and it was one of the main reasons behind the hire. There was no shortage of talk about how Shurmur had worked with Case Keenum, a player not traditionally recognized as a high level quarterback, to find success with a team that wasn’t expected to reach it.

Shurmur did have an alright time working with rookie Daniel Jones despite the young quarterback having some problems such as fumbling and overall turnovers, but his time with the Giants largely didn’t carry over the success he had with the Vikings. Now, Shurmur is back on the market and he could end up back in an offensive coordinator role.

Apparently, one of the teams that’s interested could be one of the rivals of the Giants, who also have their own young quarterback in Dwayne Haskins Jr. and could be firing offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell after a terrible season where the Redskins finished even worse than the Giants.

It’s a bit of a strange decision for the Redskins to discuss Shurmur, since the Giants tended to not be good enough consistently under Shurmur to get many wins, although it could just be an example of the Redskins looking at all their options. There’s not necessarily a number of great candidates on the open market right now for the offensive coordinator spot, after all – at least compared to the number of head coaching candidates available now.