New York Giants: Ottis Anderson on one thing Wayne Gallman does better than Barkley

New York Giants, Wayne Gallman

Saquon Barkley will be the starting running back for the New York Giants barring another injury before this season. However, there’s a thing or two that he could learn from Wayne Gallman, who ended up winning the starting spot in his absence. That’s what former Giants running back and Super Bowl XXV MVP Ottis Anderson believes, at least.

Anderson spoke on the Valentine’s Views podcast and talked about the Giants running game, particularly their main backs Saquon Barkley and Gallman.

What can Barkley learn from Gallman?

“I’ve said for a long time the Giants should never get rid of that kid. I’m glad they kept him around because he’s very valuable and I love what he’s done. He’s a one-cut and take what you give. He’s not trying to hit the home run every time he gets the ball in his hands. That’s the difference between him and Barkley,” Anderson said about Gallman.

He also compared the situation to his own career and spoke about thinking of every play as a home run. That’s a tendency that Barkley has, which has sometimes resulted in great plays but other times in lost yardage. According to Anderson, the Giants should sit Barkley down to look at Gallman’s film. Despite being the less flashy and athletic back of the two, Gallman found his own success last season on shorter gains.

Gallman played in 15 games and had a career high 682 yards last season. He mainly filled in for Barkley after Barkley was taken out for the season with an ACL tear in his second game. As a free agent, it remains to be seen where Gallman will end up – but he could very well leave the Giants and cash in on his talents with a team looking to bring in a running back.

It would be a loss for the Giants, but an understandable one. It’s hard to ask Gallman to stick with his current role as the second back behind Barkley after the best year of his career.