New York Giants: Oddsmakers Have Team In The Running For Josh Rosen

How accurate are Vegas odds when it comes to predicting outcomes? They aren’t always correct, as they’re adjusted so the house always wins. However, sometimes it’s worth taking note of them when it comes to the NFL. The odds can, after all, show what the expectations are in some instances. In the case of the New York Giants, the odds expect the team to be in the running for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen, who is recognized as one of the fringe options for a new quarterback going forward.

BetOnline gives the Giants +700 odds of landing Rosen, and for context, there’s only three teams that would have a higher chance: the Patriots, Dolphins, and Redskins. With Alex Smith’s injuries and Ryan Tannehill’s continued struggles through the years, both the Redskins and Dolphins are fairly good predictions when it comes to trading for Rosen. Whether they draft a quarterback or find one through a trade or free agency, both of these teams are definitely in the market for one.

The Giants seem unlikely to make a move for Rosen for multiple reasons. For one, they hold the sixth pick and are currently in the driver’s seat to draft a quarterback next month, rather than settling for one who didn’t turn out to be the man for the Cardinals. If a player is a franchise quarterback, after all, it’s rare for them to change teams after only one season in the league. Rosen’s 11 touchdowns to 14 interceptions don’t inspire confidence for potential suitors, either.

But with Nick Foles leaving the free agent market quickly, it doesn’t look like there’s many quarterbacks for the Giants to consider outside of the draft. Rosen’s controversial personality and lackluster numbers may not go well with the New York media, but if the Giants don’t want to take a chance on a rookie, Rosen could be one of the only viable options out there.