New York Giants’ OC Jason Garrett details approach, offensive line, more

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, Jason Garrett
Anthony Rivardo (edit)

New York Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett held his first press conference of training camp on Tuesday afternoon, giving some details on his approach and first impressions of the team. He quickly dives into Daniel Jones, the second your passer for the Giants, who posted 24 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 2019. Subsequently, Garrett was on the other side of the field for the first two times against Jones, but he will be coaching him in 2020 and beyond.

Of course, having Saquon Barkley on your side is much more advantageous than facing off against him. Garrett made sure to comment on how difficult it was to tackle him and stop him in the running game.

Let’s take a look at what Garrett had to say in his first press conference of the year.

Tweets and quotes by Dan Salomone of the New York Giants:

  • Jason Garrett on Saquon Barkley: “We had to try to tackle him in Dallas and all of our energy was put on that.” Like Daniel Jones, Jason Garrett praised Saquon’s approach. “Talk about a first-class person.”
  • Jason Garrett on OL Coach Marc Colombo: “Just a natural leader.”
  • Jason Garrett: “I love the game. I love every part of the game as a player and coach.” He said he and his wife felt coming to the Giants was too good an opportunity to pass up.
  • OC Jason Garrett on first impressions of Daniel Jones from preparing to go against him last year: “Playing as a rookie in the NFL is a challenge. Playing quarterback as a rookie quarterback is a real challenge…There is no question: He is a football guy.”
  • Jason Garrett on Daniel Jones: “The thing you just like so much about Daniel is his approach…He’s a ball guy. He works very hard at it…That’s what you get most excited about.”
  • What will the offense look like? Jason Garrett says they certainly have a system that has been around for a long time, but it evolves. The one thing is they want to attack defenses in different ways.
  • Jason Garrett says he’s learned a lot from Joe Judge and others in the organization. “That’s my mentality. I have my notebook open every day.”