New York Giants news, 10/26 – Sam Beal to replace Janoris Jenkins, Sterling Shepard, more

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Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

With the New York Giants defense already ranking towards the bottom of the league in overall efficiency, it’s difficult to imagine their unit improving if they find a trade partner for Janoris Jenkins. It would not only thrust rookie DeAndre Baker into the No. 1 corner role but 2018 Supplemental Draft pick, Sam Beal, would also have a starting gig.

Beal, who missed all of his rookie campaign with a predisposed shoulder injury, returned this offseason just to be placed on IR with a hamstring ailment. He has failed to make a regular-season appearance, let alone a pre-season one, which is hugely concerning for a team that has zero-depth at one of the most important defensive positions.

If the New York Giants lose to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, the chances of Jenkins leaving in a trade increase, but if they win, he could be kept around for one more season. Ultimately, taking away from their defense could lead to a slew of negative consequences. Imagine the unit losing their best cornerback, which would increase the production of opposing offenses, and in turn, demoralize the unit and team a cohesive group. This could spill over into the locker room and the atmosphere general manager Dave Gettleman is fighting so hard to rebuild.

While this a pessimistic idea, it’s a realistic occurrence that happens/has happened on the Giants before. The locker room is a sensitive place that can be affected by the loss of key contributors.

Sterling Shepard injury update:

The Giants will travel to Detroit without Shepard for a third consecutive game on Sunday. As a precaution, Shepard will sit after suffering a second concussion in four weeks in week four against the Minnesota Vikings. The longevity of his health is at stake, and the New York Giants have done an excellent job taking that reality seriously.


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