New York Giants: New information indicates DeAndre Baker is innocent

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

New York Giants’ DeAndre Baker likely to win his legal battle:

The New York Giants haven’t been able to escape legal troubles this off-season, as DeAndre Baker was arrested on armed robbery charges, and Aldrick Rosas was caught drunk driving after hitting a vehicle going over 100 mph.

While Rosas seems to be in big trouble, Baker is all but exonerated from the incident that stemmed from a house party involving gambling a few weeks ago. Initial statements from witnesses claimed that Baker held the party at gunpoint as he robbed individuals and took off with accomplices. The two witnesses that confirm these statements have since recanted their comments and have stated on the record that Baker did not pull a gun on anyone at the party. The incident also involves Quinton Dunbar of the Seattle Seahawks.

According to TMZ, the two witnesses have given sworn affidavits stating that Baker is essentially innocent. This would give the Giants their starting cornerback, his freedom, and the ability to play during the 2020 season.

“Deandre Baker was near me, and he never pulled out and/or pointed a firearm at anyone at the party.”

Baker struggled during his rookie season in New York, but he showed improvement toward the end of his first campaign in the NFL. The expectation is that he will pair with James Bradberry, who signed a three-year deal with the Giants this offseason. Baker has the potential to be a stellar player at the professional level, and hopefully, this incident opens his eyes.

I imagine DeAndre will learn a thing or two about himself and how people will try to take advantage of professional athletes. While Baker might be exonerated, the Giants could still punish him in some way. Nonetheless, if his legal issues disappear, he will likely remain on the roster for the foreseeable future.