New York Giants Need To Lock Up Right Guard As Soon As Possible

New York Giants running back, Saquon Barkley.

Remember the good old days when the right guard position was filled by Patrick Omameh and John Greco? I don’t, in fact, I’ve done the hypnotic work to erase those disastrous memories from my unfortunate mind. The New York Giants have forced me into therapy more times than my divorce…well, I haven’t been divorced, but the pain of watching the Giants lose must equate to that in some fashion.

The Messiah emerged for the New York Giants at RT:

But, then came our savior, Jamon Brown – outcasted from the likes of the Super Bowl losing Los Angeles Rams. Some players are lucky enough to be traded to good teams cough, cough Eli Apple. Others are thrust into the waiver system that sees them onto bad teams in need of any reinforcements.

When a quality player like Brown falls into your laps you don’t let him go. The talented right guard performed well overall for the Giants, but he’s a free agent this year and will attract several suitors. Big Blue should retain him and move on to the right tackle spot as soon as possible.

While the near 26-year-old didn’t have the most impressive season according to PFF, his influence was felt in New York. Having a serviceable right guard was a massive upgrade from the turnstile that was Omameh. I mean c’mon, the guy was signed to three-year, $15 million deal and was cut by week 5.

At least GM Dave Gettleman has the balls to do what’s necessary. Now, I would prefer he doesn’t make foolish signings like that, but it’s better to cut ties than hanging on to non-existent hope – yeah, we are talking to you Jerry Reese. I wonder if Jerry and Ereck Flowers share morning coffee together… reminisce on the good old days when edge rushers ran free in the backfield and Eli Manning was tossed around like a rag-doll.

Back to business:

Brown will be a hot target, so signing him to a deal should be a priority. I would anticipate that he earn somewhere in the $6-7 million per season range. He’s better than Omameh who earned $5 million per year, so it’s fair to say he will attract more.

A solid offer from the Giants might be three-years, $21 million with incentives to reach the full amount. He’s only played a full season once in his four-year career. Staying healthy would be the leading factor in a hypothetically incentivized deal.


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