New York Giants: Nate Solder and Leonard Williams combine for a massive percentage of salary cap

New York Giants, Leonard Williams

The New York Giants are strapped of cash this year due to several contracts that are taking up a high percentage of cap space.

With DeAndre Baker dealing with legal issues, which seemingly took a turn for the worst last week, having extra money available would have been beneficial. If Baker is guilty of the charges being pressed against him, the Giants will be down one starting cornerback.

Supplementing his loss will be essential, even if the Giants elect to go with their younger options in hopes of development. However, the two players that take up the most cap space are also the most controversial on the team.

Leonard Williams and Nate Solder are the two players aforementioned, accounting for 18% of the Giants’ cap.

Solder, who signed a four year, $62 million deal with the Giants in 2018, had a potential out this off-season. If the Giants cut him, he would’ve counted $16 million in dead cap, which would result in just a $3.5 million in savings. However, if the Giants wait until 2021, his cap hit will go down to $6.5 million, where they will save $14 million.

Waiting one more season is highly advisable, as Solder still has some value if moved over to the right tackle spot. In addition, personal issues in his life have limited his development with the Giants and adaptation to their style.

Why Nate Solder has struggled with the New York Giants:

Essentially, he has failed to change his technique from New England. Tom Brady took far shorter drop-backs than Eli Manning and Daniel Jones. He has been pushing his assignment right into the Giants’ quarterbacks. He would open up his outside shoulder, giving opposing pass rushers the speed rush around the edge, and Brady would simply step up into the pocket to avoid it. Manning and Jones are different types of quarterbacks, as they take 7-8 yard drop-backs instead of 4-yard.

As for Leonard Williams, we all know the debate surrounding his retention. General manager Dave Gettleman gave up a third and fifth-round pick to acquire Williams from the New York Jets in 2019. Most arguments are based on his low sack totals, but there’s no doubt Williams has an impact on the interior defensive line. His ability to draw double teams and put pressure on the pocket is evident, but for $16.1 million per season, his services are overvalued. The Giants need to lower that 18% hit in 2021, and I imagine they will do just that by cutting Solder and reworking Williams’s contract if he performs in 2020.

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