New York Giants: More Players Like Shepard Needed, Says Engram

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The New York Giants are going to make some team improvements soon. That’s a fact, and with the NFL Draft quickly approaching, many are wondering just how the team is going to approve. The big argument is about whether they should draft a quarterback or not but that argument isn’t one that everyone is concerned with. According to some players on the team right now, the important thing isn’t the position drafted but the mentality of the new arrivals.

“I think the big thing that Shep brings to this team is a dog mentality, and that mentality that we hate to lose. That’s Shep on and off the field,” tight end Evan Engram said last week.

Shepard, of course, recently received a big contract extension to secure his role as one of the top receivers on the team for years to come now that Odell Beckham Jr. is off the team and with the Cleveland Browns.

“That sends a message to our locker room that we need more guys like that. We need more guys with that mentality, that work ethic, and the ability to do whatever we need and whatever we can on the football field to win. And that’s Sterling Shepard,” Engram continued about Shepard.

Engram himself will have big expectations this season after falling out of favor with the coaching staff last year and struggling to come back from injuries. If he can stay healthy, however, it would be a major help to the Giants offense if Engram managed to repeat the six touchdown performance from his rookie season, or even build  upon it and increase that total.