New York Giants may have to replace key position coach in 2022

New York Giants, Joe Judge

The New York Giants are in for some changes on the offensive staff in 2022. Even if Joe Judge returns as the head coach – which isn’t a guarantee – there’s still an opening at offensive coordinator. Major changes are needed to move away from being one of the worst performing offenses in the league, and those changes might also include a shift at O-line coach.

In this case, it wouldn’t be due to a firing but rather a departure for another team. It looks like current offensive line coach Rob Sale could be headed to Florida, based on a report from The Athletic’s G. Allan Taylor.

Napier is seeking to bring aboard Chris Rumph from the Chicago Bears, Karl Scott from the Minnesota Vikings and Eric Henderson of the Los Angeles Rams on the defensive side. He also aims to reunite with New York Giants offensive line coach Rob Sale, the source indicated. Those discussions are on hold until those NFL teams complete their seasons.

The report claims that new University of Florida head coach Billy Napier is looking to bring in NFL talent to his coaching staff, and that Sale is one of the names to be targeted. Furthermore, there is already a connection between the two. They’ve worked together during multiple college jobs and it looks like Sale may have more security under Napier than if he remained with the Giants.

After all, the offensive line play for the Giants still hasn’t been fixed. While there are reasons out of the hands of the staff for that, such as injuries and poor drafting, it doesn’t serve to make Sale’s job any safer.

What this could mean for the Giants

Offensive line coach has been a high turnover position for the Giants in recent years. Last season, the team didn’t even get through the entire year with a single O-line coach. While that’s far from the main problem with the position group’s play, it’s hard to say that the turnover has helped it either.

It looks quite likely that Sale could walk away if Florida really is targeting him for a position on the staff, which could be both a blessing and a curse for the Giants.

On one hand, it continues the trend of turnover at that staff position, but on the other hand, it does give Joe Judge or whoever the head coach in 2022 is a chance to make a new hire that is in line with the team’s new offensive direction.

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