New York Giants: Logan Ryan Studying “20 Hours A Day” Before Opener

New York Giants, Logan Ryan

The New York Giants open up their season soon, and they’ll have Logan Ryan in their starting lineup when they do so. Ryan and the Giants look like a match made in heaven.

While there was some apprehension from fans earlier on, the Giants needed another cornerback and Ryan needed a team. They lost DeAndre Baker to a legal case this offseason and the only other options at second cornerback were very under-qualified for the role. Ryan, on the other hand, just wanted to play after failing to find a team for most of free agency.

It looks so far like Ryan is working pretty hard to make sure his start with the team is a good one. On Monday, Ryan gave some insight on just what he’s been up to.

Logan Ryan studying hard in preparation for season

Ryan claims his prep for the 2020 season includes study. A lot of study. In fact, trying to get his hands on an iPad to study the playbook is one of the first things Ryan did after getting on the team.

“I begged for an iPad, they gave me one. I’ve been studying film about 20 hours a day, a variety of positions. I got to see my mom who lives an hour south obviously. She’s scared to death of the sun right now because of COVID. I got to see her for a half hour and then right back to the film,” Ryan told reporters on Monday. “My wife and kids are back home in Nashville where they’re at. I’m up here by myself. I have nothing to do but watch a ton of film and start preparing for the Steelers.”

Ryan also went into another valuable fact. Experience. Most of the Giants haven’t played under the current head coach or DC, but that’s not a problem for Ryan.

“Luckily, I have played for Pat Graham, I’ve played for Joe Judge before. It’s a system that I’m familiar with. I played in the system before in my career, so I think that helped me a little bit with the terminology and things of that nature.”

It’s important that Ryan adapts quickly, because there’s not much time between his signing with the team and the season opener. NFL playbooks are huge, after all, and a player is only effective if they can carry out the plays effectively.

We’ll see in less than a week if Ryan can be a productive player and run the team’s defensive playbook correctly after such a short time to study it.