New York Giants let trade deadline pass without making a move

The New York Giants team that we have right now is largely the one we’ll have through the rest of the season. Acting against the expectations of some, the Giants chose to hold at the trade deadline and neither bought nor dealt players.

The few days before the trade deadline brought up rumors that the team could be interested in moving Evan Engram or Darius Slayton, but that never materialized. At this point, Engram trade rumors have become a yearly occurrence but no team has offered the Giants enough to convince them of pulling the trigger and doing a deal.

While the Giants didn’t make moves, however, that is not to say that this trade deadline has no impact. It does show us a bit about the direction the team leadership is leaning in their future decisions.

Based on the lack of moves, we can assume that John Mara and Steve Tisch aren’t planning on burning down the current roster and rebuilding from scratch starting this offseason. If they were going to take an approach like that, the team would likely have made moves already and kept fewer players safe from being traded.

Whether this approach from the Giants is a good thing or a bad thing very much depends on your perspective and how confident you are in their current play.

The team is faced with some big choices this offseason, after all. Those choices include whether or not to keep around Dave Gettleman and Joe Judge, and whether the team is still on pace to win with Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones before their contracts become a problem.

It’s uncertain if the team’s owners believe the Giants are on track. But we can see right now that they haven’t blown up the rebuild just yet.

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