New York Giants: Later Picks Help Team After Disastrous Start

New York Giants, DeAndre Baker

The 2019 NFL Draft is finally over and it’s time to move to the part of the offseason where everyone makes predictions about just how good or bad the new players are going to perform. There’s a lot of takes already about the first player that the New York Giants took, Duke quarterback Daniel Jones, but what about the rest of the draft?

It looks like the Giants dropped the ball on their first pick and they might just pay for that decision for years to come unless Jones surprises nearly everyone and turns out to be a great starting quarterback down the line after spending some time sitting behind Eli Manning.

But in later picks, did the team manage to bounce back? It looks like the Giants managed to find more value after their first pick, and you shouldn’t give the team an ‘F’ grade just for their main mistake.

We all know that the team drafted Dexter Lawrence with their second pick in the first round, but they also gained other impact players on defense and made moves to help improve the secondary. Trading up for a third first round selection brought in highly rated Georgia cornerback Deandre Baker, who will immediately enter the competition at a thin position for the Giants. But Baker isn’t the only improvement to the secondary that the Giants made.

Julian Love was drafted in the fourth round but is believed to be a value pick after falling from a higher expected draft position. With the pick, the Giants now have two cornerbacks to immediately jump into the starting conversation for a secondary which was predicted to struggle this season due to thin depth and replacing Landon Collins with lesser safeties.

In the fifth round the Giant managed to find a fast receiver who wasn’t yet off the board, Darius Slayton. Hailing from Auburn, Slayton’s 4.30 time on the 40 yard dash should also help the team depth, on offense rather than defense. While Slayton probably isn’t going to be an immediate difference maker, it looks like the Giants once again found good value with a mid to late round pick.

And that’s not going into the impact of some of the other more notable additions such as first round pick Dexter Lawrence or second round pick Oshane Ximenes, who could help raise sack production.

Dave Gettleman has definitely made some very questionable decisions when it comes to high profile situations, such as the Beckham trade and the sixth overall pick. But one thing Gettleman did well with last year was making the most out of the team’s draft picks and finding good players outside of just the first an second round.

While most are unhappy with the team’s first selection this time around, one redeeming factor for the 2019 Draft could be these later rounds, where it looks like once again the Giants managed to gain some players that are more valuable than indicated by their draft position.