New York Giants: Kadarius Toney names surprise way where Giants can improve

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The New York Giants are headed into their bye week, and as such, some of the media questions haven’t been about the team’s next opponent. In the case of Kadarius Toney, the rookie receiver was asked about a number of things on Wednesday ranging from his comments about Henry Ruggs III to his plans for his time off.

One of those questions was about the Giants running trick plays, and what they have to do to make them work more often. As a quarterback headed into college, Toney is a player that is often involved in those kinds of plays as a threat to either pass or run with the ball.

But against the Raiders, that play didn’t work out for the Giants and Toney found no options downfield before getting tackled for a loss.

The reason the trick plays haven’t always worked?

According to Toney, the Giants could use more players that can sell the play.

Kadarius Toney speaks on trick plays

“We can always use more salesmen at the end of the day,” Toney told reporters.

He elaborated further, explaining what he meant by ‘salesmen.’

“Yeah, that’s what you call it in the play when you’re trying to fool the defense, I guess you could say, like what you were just saying. You can always use more salesmen. Every play is designed to go for a touchdown, but every play doesn’t end up in that result.”

The Giants have made some trick plays work this season, of course. Perhaps most notably, Daniel Jones ended up with his first career reception this year as the Giants threw the defense off by sending him on a route.

But Toney has had mixed results on this kind of play, and with the team going on break, we can probably expect the coaches to tweak this area of the playcalling – as well as the rest of the offensive plays, too.

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