New York Giants’ Joe Judge reveals how they will operate at void CB2 position

New York Giants, Isaac Yiadom

The New York Giants are going into the 2020 season with several questions on the roster. Cutting down to 53-men was a tumultuous process that involved releasing Ryan Connelly and Corey Coleman, but head coach Joe Judge believes he has the best players available to utilize. Sticking with linebacker Devante Downs and bringing in incumbent cornerback Isaac Yiadom, there’s a lot left to be unearthed.

The New York Giants are taking big risks during their rebuild:

However, the second CB position remains problematic, given the lack of starting experience and quality there. With DeAndre Baker being placed on the commissioner’s exempt list and reserve options Sam Beal opting out of the 2020 season, the Giants had to find ways to supplement their losses. They currently have Corey Ballentine and Isaac as their top two options, but I would certainly factor in Logan Ryan as well.

Judge had very positive words on the new acquisition from the Denver Broncos, a former third-round pick. They like Yiadom’s physicality and translation from his former scheme.

“We like the way he plays on the line of scrimmage. He has some experience within the league. That goes a little bit of ways, but it’s our job as coaches to get him caught up to our system as fast as possible,” Judge added. “There won’t be much carryover necessarily from the other system, but we try to keep as many of the techniques similar for him so he can carry over as fast as possible. But we like the energy and effort he plays with, we like the physicality he shows on the line of scrimmage, and obviously, this is a guy that we remember when he came out of college not too long ago in the draft. We’ve known about this guy in the league for a while.”

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Despite the kind words from Judge and optimistic viewpoint, penciling in as a cemented starter is a bit premature, in my opinion. He hasn’t had much time with the playbook and the New York Giants are only one week out from facing off against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week one of the regular season. Can they rely on the former Bronco to get the job done? Maybe. Nonetheless, Judge stated that they will run with the hot hand and let the competition battle spill over into the regular season.

“Right now, we’re looking to play as many of our players as possible at those positions. Keep them fresh and rotate,” head coach Joe Judge told reporters on Sunday. “One thing we haven’t had yet is a preseason game or a regular season game yet obviously. We’re going to make sure we use all of our guys, roll them on through, and we’ll see who performs the best. Whoever the hot hand is we may go with, but we’re going to make sure we keep rolling them on through and building the experience of the group as a whole.”