New York Giants: Joe Judge Praised By Free Agent Kyle Van Noy

New York Giants, Kyle Van Noy

The New York Giants have their head coach, have their staff, and are soon going to enter the draft and free agency looking to load up on talent and fill some of the holes in the team that were responsible for the poor record over the past couple of seasons. It’s perhaps the most anticipated thing for the Giants in the past year or so – with the 2019 season going off the rails quickly, most turned their attention to the 2020 offseason after losing hope.

One position that the Giants may end up upgrading is linebacker, and if they do make such a move, one of their available options may be free agent Patriots defensive end slash outside linebacker Kyle Van Noy, a two time Super Bowl winner who has some positive views of the current Giants head coach, Joe Judge.

“He’s a ball of energy. If he can take his energy he has and consistently, each and every day, line it up with that positive energy and not go, ‘Woo woo,’ all over the place, I think they’re going to be really, really good because he’s a really good coach,” Van Noy said to the Pat McAfee Show. He joins a number of others to praise the hire, notably including figures from Judge’s stints in New England under Bill Belichick and Alabama under Nick Saban.

“I’m excited for him with the Giants. Go Giants, right?” Van Noy added.

Those aren’t necessarily empty words, as there’s a legitimate chance that we see Van Noy come to the Giants in free agency this season. As it stands such a move could put him in competition with Lorezno Carter and Kareem Martin – a competition that Giants fans likely wouldn’t complain about considering the problems with the linebacker spot over the past couple of years.

Will a deal happen? Maybe or maybe not, but it’s a good sign so far that players appear willing to play for new head coach Joe Judge despite his unproven nature.

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