New York Giants: Jason Garrett And Assistants Eye Giants Job

New York Giants, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

There’s a number of candidates right now for the New York Giants head coaching job and not all of them are popular – one of the least popular options is Jason Garrett, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys but fired officially on Sunday. It doesn’t seem like there’s much desire for the Giants to get Garrett at all, which is perhaps somewhat understandable. As someone who has coached in the NFC East for an important rival for an extended period of time, all Giants fans have been able to keep a good eye on the shortcomings of Garrett over the years.

But that doesn’t mean the former Cowboys coach hasn’t had his eyes on the Giants job, even since before getting fired, according to Ian Rapoport.

“The job that Jason Garrett has thought about if he was let go from the Cowboys – and, of course, now he finally, mercifully was – the job that he’s thought about and the job that he’s discussed with his assistant coaches is the Giants job,” Rapoport reported. 

“We’ll see if they end up bringing him in for an interview. And that is a place that has discussed hiring Jason Garrett in the past. If Garrett was free a couple years back they might have taken a look at him during one of their previous coaching searched,” he continued.

The Giants haven’t, however, scheduled an interview with Garrett just yet. Possibly because the front office isn’t impressed with his resume and his inability to win with a talented team, and possibly because of the protests from the fanbase against such a move.

Still, while Garrett hasn’t had playoff success, his teams tend to be good at least and he has a veteran status as a head coach, something that the more risky candidates for the position such as Matt Rhule lack. That might not end up being worth much, but with Mike McCarthy off the market, there’s only so many options after all for the Giants if they wish to depart from their trend of taking risks on hot head coaching prospects who don’t quite turn out as expected.