New York Giants: James Bradberry lends encouraging words to Evan Engram

It hasn’t been a good last week for Evan Engram after his drop cost the New York Giants their game against the Eagles, but the tight end received some words of support from the team’s top cornerback. James Bradberry came out in support of Engram when asked about him by reporters on Tuesday, in face of the demands from fans that the team moves on from Engram before the deadline.

“As a player, you see a phenomenal talent. Physical, big body guy that can run. That’s one thing that separates him from the rest of the tight ends in the league, that he can run. He’s very fast. Just as a teammate, what you would tell him, I’ve been there before,” Bradberry said about Engram.

“I missed out on plays here and there in my career over the past four years. You just have to fight back. You have to keep your head in the game, keep that confidence within you. There were several plays throughout that Philadelphia game that we should have made on defense that we let go. The game should have never been in that position in the first place.”

Some fans won’t share Bradberry’s sentiments and believe that Engram is past the point where the Giants should bet on his potential. On the other hand, it doesn’t look like the team is going to make a move to get rid of Engram before the deadline based on reports so far. The front office, more or less, seems to be on Bradberry’s side on the matter of Engram.

But it remains to be seen whether that will be the right move or a mistake, given Engram’s performance last time and the extensive problems that have plagued his career up until this point in time.