New York Giants: It’s Time To Chase Chase Young

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The New York Giants are now an abysmal 2-8 with six games left to play in the 2019 NFL season. If the season ended today, the Giants would hold the third overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. This would be ideal for the Giants.

In no way do I condone tanking, but the Giants should want to be picking top three in this year’s draft. In all likelihood, the first two picks will be the top quarterback prospects, Tua Tagovailoa and Joe Burrow. But the third pick is where the Giants could get a team-changing talent. Even if the Giants end up winning some games, they are likely to be picking top ten this year, and they should explore trading up to the third overall pick for one player: Chase Young.

Chase Young Stats And Highlights

It is time for the Giants to start chasing Chase Young. Whether that be resting some starters and allowing the team to lose a few extra games, or looking for ways to acquire necessary draft capital to trade up in the draft, the Giants need to start making plans to get Chase Young.

This prospect could be the second Ohio State University pass-rusher drafted in the top three in two years. Last year, the 49ers drafted Nick Bosa second overall. Already they see significant returns as Bosa has already totaled 20 combined tackles, 7 sacks, 12 tackles for loss, 1 forced fumble, and 1 interception in his first 9 professional games. The crazy thing is, Chase Young might even be better than Bosa was coming out of school.

Chase Young has been a sack machine in his last two collegiate seasons. As a sophomore last year, Chase Young racked up 10.5 sacks. He also had 14.5 tackles for loss and 34 total tackles. An impressive sophomore season, but Chase took his game up to another level in 2019.

This year, Chase Young has been a force to be reckoned with. Chase Young has improved his sack total in 2019 to 13.5 sacks in only 8 games. He has also forced an insane 5 fumbles, as well as racking up 15.5 tackles for loss. This is historic production through 8 games. According to Pro Football Focus, Young’s 13.5 sacks are “are the most by any defender through the first nine weeks of a college football season since Carl Nassib had the same amount in 2015.”

Chase Young is a legitimate game-wrecking pass-rusher. The Giants have not had a force off the edge in quite a while. In 2018, the Giants only totaled 30 sacks, tied for second-worst in the NFL. They have shown improvement in 2019, currently ranking 15th in the league with 24 sacks, making their pass-rushing unit average.

Chase Young would be the perfect player for the Giants to build their young defense around. After missing out on Josh Allen (after a failed trade-up attempt) in 2018, expect the Giants to be eager for a pass-rusher in 2019. The guy that they need to target is Chase Young.

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