New York Giants Interview Jason Garrett For OC Job

New York Giants, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett isn’t a very popular choice for the New York Giants offensive coordinator job, but it looks like he’s receiving serious consideration regardless. Garrett has been somewhat linked to the Giants ever since they fired Pat Shurmur, and after Garrett was officially fired from Dallas himself, there was speculation about him taking the head coach role.

In reality, the job went to Joe Judge, despite the Giants also interviewing Garrett. But now, Garrett has supposedly interviewed for the Giants again, not for the head coaching job this time but for the offensive coordinator spot which is still sitting vacant.

The decision on who to bring on as the coordinator is going to be left up to Judge, and co-owner John Mara has already said that personally, he has no objections to bringing in Garrett.

After being with the Cowboys since 2011 and receiving a lot of leeway for failure, but still managing to not win much in the playoffs or even reach the playoffs at all in most of his years, there’s a lot of skepticism within the Giants fanbase about the potential hire – especially because Garrett coached a division rival, putting his skills or lack thereof on display for Giants fans in big games twice a year.

The Cowboys, in fact, often haven’t played great against the Giants. Despite having their number for the past few years, their performances are rarely anything too earth shattering, and it makes sense that Giants fans would be skeptical of having this offense come to their team after witnessing how the Cowboys have played in the NFC East under Garrett.

But with continued interest between Garrett and the Giants, a deal might just be inevitable at this point. No other candidate has interviewed once for the head coaching job and once for a coordinator job, after all.