New York Giants Hypothetical: What would it take to land Deshaun Watson in a trade?

Deshaun Watson, New York Giants
Nov 26, 2020; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (4) smiles after throwing a touchdown pass during the second quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The hypothetical scenario where the New York Giants land star quarterback Deshaun Watson in a trade is quite optimistic and unlikely. However, it is always fun to dabble in the improbable, as Watson represents one of the best passers in the NFL, but is also an incredible athlete.

Some might say that Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has similar traits: throwing on the run, utilizing his legs to pick up extra yards, and making throws downfield. The primary difference, Watson, is simply better in every category.

However, the Houston Texans have done him zero favors when it comes to maximizing his potential. After they traded away DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals and did little to bolster his protection on the offensive line, Watson was doomed from the start. Since then, Houston has moved on from general manager Bill O’Brien, as they recently hired former Patriots Director of personnel Nick Caserio.

Recent reports have indicated that Watson could be considering a trade demand, but the reality of that happening is minimal. If he were available, he would solve a lot of the problems the Giants are currently facing. Jones is still developing, and many are unsure if he is the future at the position for Big Blue. Watson is a proven commodity still on his rookie deal, and with a contract extension already in place, the Giants could begin to look toward the future regarding the cap situation.

Aside from Jason Garrett castrating Daniel Jones this past season in the passing game, the second-year quarterback played in 14 games, throwing 11 touchdown passes and rushing for one score. He did fumble 11 times and threw 10 interceptions, which was less than his 2019 totals but still a bit concerning.

On the other hand, Watson played in all 16 games and threw for nearly 5,000 yards, 33 touchdowns, and rushed for 444 yards and three scores. He fumbled just eight times and threw seven interceptions, proving his superiority over Jones.

The question is, how much would it take for the New York Giants to land him in a trade?

Ultimately, Houston would want a massive haul for Watson’s services. With Caserio taking over, hitting the restart button with a number of first-round picks could be a good move. The issue, they would lose their franchise quarterback and a fundamental piece to the team.

If I were general manager Dave Gettleman, I would consider offering two first-round picks, Daniel Jones and Evan Engram.

Not only would this provide Houston with plenty of draft capital for the future, but it would also give them a solid quarterback to build around on his rookie deal. Engram is simply an additional piece the Giants can afford to move on from as he’s entering his fifth year in the NFL. He likely has a third-round value, if not fourth. Houston doesn’t have an elite receiving tight end (minus the drops), so Engram moving over in the trade would be a benefit, especially with his pre-existing chemistry with Jones.

Of course, this is a hypothetical that is subject to change, but it would give Houston a quarterback to work with (Jones), who the Patriots were reportedly interested in during the draft process, which coincides with the hiring of Caserio. An interesting situation at the least, and while the rumors are undoubtedly spiraling, it is always fun to consider astronomical trades that could blow up the NFL.

What do you think of this hypothetical trade, and what would you consider offering for a Watson if he was available?