New York Giants: How Saquon Barkley Will Make Odell Beckham Jr. Better

New York Giants, Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants will once again feature two of the most polarizing players in the NFL next season — Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. The latter was formerly the face of the franchise, whether it be due to his antics or magical one-handed catches. A new face has since made his presence known, a young running back that proved to not only be a quality athlete but a magnificent leader.

Taking the negative attention away from Beckham Jr. and turning it into jaw-dropping plays every game has been the best thing to ever happen to the once-troubled receiver. Last season was different that the others…no punching kicking nets, no angry sideline rants, and no off the field issues. The Giants have turned a page with their star receiver, and it can be credited to Barkley to some degree.

The attention has turned to the Offensive Rookie of the Year and his extreme abilities. Achieving goals left and right, becoming one of three rookies to ever eclipse the 2,000 all-purpose yards mark, and setting the record for most catches by a running back in Giants history. Barkley is a walking accolade and he’s only going into his second professional season.

How does Saquon Barkley make Odell Beckham Jr. better?

In Beckham’s rookie season, he recorded 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns in just 12 games. Teams soon figured out he was the Giants’ top weapon, and while they simply couldn’t stop him, they knew they could infuriate him to a point where he would self-destruct.

Barkley offers relief on Beckham, because it forces opposing teams to find a way to compensate for both. It lessens the pressure from fans and most importantly himself every time he steps on the field. It helps him contain his emotions and have a friend/teammate to rely on.

What should we expect from the duo in 2019?

I am anticipating a massive offensive year for the Giants in the season ahead. With both healthy and productive, we could see a team land in the top 10 in scoring.

Now, it all inevitably comes down to the offensive line, as Eli Manning needs an unusual amount of time to make plays, but we know he still can. If the protection is there, Barkley and Beckham could set historic numbers.