New York Giants: How Case Keenum To Washington Impacts Giants

The New York Giants’ Quarterback position has been highly discussed and debated recently. In reality, the Giants are not the only team with question marks at the quarterback position. Another team in the Giants’ division has had quarterback questions, but on Thursday, they answered their questions.

The Washington Redskins Traded For Case Keenum

On Thursday, the Washington Redskins made a trade for former Denver Broncos quarterback Case Keenum. The Broncos signed Keenum last offseason and he started all 16 games for them. Case had a mediocre season, throwing only 18 touchdown passes while counteracting that with 15 interceptions.

The Broncos were willing to make this trade because they traded for former Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco last month. Flacco will be the Broncos’ starting quarterback in 2019, but he could have a rookie competing with him for his job.

The Redskins made this trade because they did not have a solid starting quarterback on their roster. Last season, Alex Smith severely broke his leg and is likely to miss the entire 2019 season. With that in mind, the Redskins decided to acquire a quarterback for the 2019 season, Case Keenum.

This trade for Case Keenum could be of vital importance to the New York Giants. In regards to the division’s competition and the Giants’ own quarterback options, this trade greatly affects New York.

How This Trade Affects The Josh Rosen Rumors

Since the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine, there have been plenty of rumors regarding the Giants’ quarterback position, as well as another surprising team: the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals selected UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen with the 10th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Rosen was a player that many Giants fans liked. The Giants’ brass liked him, too. Some fans argued he should have been chosen instead of Saquon Barkley. Josh had a poor rookie season, but he still has a lot of potential.

Josh Rosen’s poor rookie season could be attributed to many different issues in Arizona. The Cardinals had the league’s worst offensive line. They fired their offensive coordinator mid-season. Larry Fitzgerald, at 35 years old, was his only real receiving threat. Josh Rosen had little to no help in his rookie season, but if the right pieces are around him, he could reach his potential.

Despite the Cardinals paying a high price for Rosen last year, he is now involved in trade rumors. With the hiring of head coach Kliff Kingsbury, rumors have started swirling that the Cardinals will be selecting Kyler Murray with the first overall pick in 2019.

If this happens, Josh Rosen will be made available for trade. A few teams were rumored to be interested in trading for Rosen, including the New York Giants. The other team most linked with the Rosen trade rumors was the Washington Redskins.

With the Redskins no longer in the quarterback market, the Giants have minimal competition to acquire Josh Rosen via trade.