New York Giants: Golden Tate apologizes for outbursts following media silence

New York Giants, Golden Tate
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The New York Giants were without Golden Tate when they picked up the second win of their season, not because of an injury but because of discipline. Tate was left out of the lineup thanks to the drama going on between him and the team. His desire to receive the ball more resulted in conflict as he had an outburst on the sidelines during the Tampa Bay game and his wife took to social media to complain afterwards.

That, and Tate liking tweets that criticized the team, landed him on the wrong end of disciplinary action. He missed the Washington game as the team opted to suspend him and the Giants went on to win without him on the field.

Now, Tate is preparing for a comeback but has broken his media silence to come out and apologize for his previous actions.

“If you know me, if you know my game, I play with a lot of emotion, a lot of passion. I just got caught up in the moment. I was wrong to draw attention to myself. I take full responsibility for that. I handled it the wrong way and, again, brought negative attention to our organization. It was something that won’t happen again,” Tate told reporters.

“I was definitely disappointed, but there are consequences for your actions. My actions were unacceptable, and I apologized to the team, GM, the coaches, the offense, and I’m excited to move forward,” he continued.

He might be back on the good side of the coaching staff for now, but it remains to be seen if he has a future with the team. The Giants did win without him in the lineup, after all, and Tate was one of the players that was reportedly on the trading block before the deadline.

No deal ever happened, but Tate ended up in a rocky position with the team regardless and the Giants have proved they have other receivers to catch the ball. Either way, Tate has a good motivation now to perform on Sunday and put the previous suspension out of everyone’s collective memory.

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