New York Giants Fans Will Riot if They Take This Player at No. 6

The New York Giants drafted
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The New York Giants have been rumored just about every top 10 player in the 2019 NFL draft ranging from Quinnen Williams to Dwayne Haskins. The expectation is that GM Dave Gettleman will spend the 6th overall pick on a true impact player, which would indicate a defenseman as the draft is stocked with premium pass rushers.

The New York Giants could make an interesting move with the 6th pick:

However, rumors have bubbled that the Giants could elect to take Duke quarterback Daniel Jones with the first of two first-round picks. This would be a reason for a riot…why? Because Jones is outside the top three quarterbacks in a weak crop and has inadequate numbers to support the claim.

Despite those concerns, Jones has a solid arm with above-average athleticism for a passer, which makes him an enticing pick, at No. 17, but certainly not in the top 6.

NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah explained why the Giants would potentially take Jones over Haskins:

“The first question is, it’s a philosophical question of if you’re the Giants, do you take a quarterback at 6, a little bit higher than you’d like, or do you wait at 17 and hope that the one guy you really want is there. I just think you kind of look at the teams for the most part, we’ll see – Lamar Jackson worked out well last year for the Ravens as their second first-round pick, but for the most part teams that have picked a quarterback with their second first-round pick, the Browns have done it three times, it never really worked out,” Jeremiah said.

“I just think if you have conviction in a guy and you want a quarterback, there’s no such thing as taking him too early. You take him in the first round, you’re putting your job into his hands anyway, you might as well guarantee you get the one that you want. That’s why quarterback at 6 to me made more sense than 17.?

The idea would essentially be – if the Giants are high on a specific quarterback, they shouldn’t hesitate to take them. Selecting an impact player that can change the course of a franchise shouldn’t be a matter of when, but a matter of “how soon.”

Why does Jones stand out?

With Haskins and Kyler Murray showing effectiveness in only one year of college, Jones has been productive for multiple. The experience and refinement are valuable, but it shouldn’t deter the Giants from taking ‘their’ guy. His abilities are clear and visible on tape, but it’s his potential that worries me the most.