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New York Giants Fans Actually Care, Show Up, And Pack The Stadium At One Of The Highest Rates

by Anthony Rivardo

The New York Giants‘ fan base has received a shot from one of the NFL’s brightest young stars. 2018 Offensive Rookie of the Year runner-up Baker Mayfield decided to criticize Giants Nation on Wednesday while discussing his new receiver, Odell Beckham Jr.

Baker Mayfield had this to say about the New York Giants fan base:

“He’s here to play in front of fans who actually care, who will actually show up to every game and pack the stadium and love him for who he is.” – Baker Mayfield

Mayfield seemed to heavily imply that Giants fans do not care, do not show up to every game, and do not pack the stadium. This is not true at all. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

New York Giants Fans Near The Top Of The Attendance Rankings

It is a well-documented fact that the Giants consistently rank near the top of the league in attendance every year. Even over the past two seasons, Giants fans have made their way out to the games, despite their team being well below-average.

In 2017 the Giants went 3-13 and saw multiple star players miss the majority of the season with an injury. Despite this, the Giants still had the third-highest attendance total in 2017. 2018 features more of the same.

The Giants finished the 2018 season a measly 5-11. Still, Giants Nation was strong. New York had the second-highest attendance total in 2018. Through the toughest of times, the Giants play in full stadiums.

Outside of total attendance, the Giants still ranked high in average attendance. 2017 Giants games averaged 77,179 fans per game (4th in the NFL) and 2018 Giants games averaged 76,940 fans per game (4th in the NFL again).

Giants fans show up to every game AND every practice. Weekend practice training camp tickets sold out in less than 3 hours upon release and every ticket was sold out in only three days. This is in 2019, while football fans around the country are trying to claim that the Giants are losing fans and have no future.

There will be plenty of Giants fans excitedly attending training camp next week, showing up, caring, and packing the practice fields. Just like Giants Nations will show up, care, and pack MetLife Stadium this season. Just like they did last season, the season before that, and every season before that.

The Giants are not a premier football team right now. But this does not matter to Giants Nation. Through thick and thin, our Giants Pride stands strong and losing one player will not change that. Giants fans record high attendance rates every season, and that will not change in 2019.

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