New York Giants: Ex-receiver Golden Tate names desired landing spots

New York Giants, Golden Tate
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Former New York Giants wide receiver Golden Tate is looking for a different team this offseason, but he may have a hard time getting to one of his most wanted destinations given the way last season turned out in New York.

Tate is considered a veteran receiver at this point – he’s played for the Seahawks, the Lions, the Eagles, and most recently the Giants. He’s also 32 years old, so it’s possible that whatever contract he ends up signing next will be his last one in the league. His age is probably part of why no team has picked him up yet after the Giants chose to release him for cap space.

However, there’s some destinations that Tate has his eyes on regardless.

On SiriusXM NFL Radio, Tate named the Titans, Colts, and Rams as three teams that he’d like to play on.

It remains to be seen what his chances of actually getting on any of those teams are. Not only is he an aging wide receiver, but his antics with the Giants last season may dissuade potential suitors. Those antics included an outburst on the sideline and liking tweets that were critical of the team, both of which are acts that many winning teams will have a problem with.

The Giants have largely done fine at the position since moving on from Tate. Daniel Jones will have better weapons this season for sure as the Giants brought in Kenny Golladay, John Ross, and drafted Kadarius Toney after parting ways with Tate.

Tate served his purpose for the couple of years he was with the franchise, but ultimately, the Giants have went on to find better players. And the organization probably won’t miss Tate too much after the drama around him last season.

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