New York Giants: ESPN’s Todd McShay projects offensive weapon to Big Blue

Alexander Wilson
New York Giants, Kyle Pitts
Nov 28, 2020; Gainesville, FL, USA; Florida Gators tight end Kyle Pitts (84) scores a touchdown during a football game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Fla. Nov. 28, 2020. Mandatory Credit: Brad McClenny-USA TODAY NETWORK

The New York Giants are in the market for a premier offensive playmaker, especially after the Giants’ unit averaged just 17.5 points per game in 2020. Coordinator Jason Garrett failed to get things going with a lack of weapons, and while he did have Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard at his disposal, a spotty offensive line and losing Saquon Barkley early on significantly hurt his creative spirit.

Management has vowed to improve the talent on offense this off-season, whether it be through free agency or the 2021 NFL draft. There are fantastic options to choose from, ranging from Kenny Golladay to Jaylen Waddle out of Alabama. However, one ESPN analyst has the Giants taking a versatile weapon that could change the nature of the position forever.

ESPN’s Todd McShay projects elite offensive weapon to New York Giants:

TE: Kyle Pitts

With the top three wide receivers and top two cornerbacks off the board, filling those needs would mean significant reaches for the Giants here. Offensive line could be in play, as could the edge rush. But if Pitts is still there at No. 11, it’d be really hard for New York to do anything but add the 6-6 speedy and versatile matchup nightmare. Giants tight end Evan Engram has missed 14 games over four years and will be a free agent after next season. In the meantime, the Giants could enjoy a fantastic duo at tight end — Pitts is versatile enough to play with Engram and be moved around the formation — and provide quarterback Daniel Jones with a playmaker.

Pitts has the potential to be one of the more dynamic tight ends in the NFL. The Giants already have Engram, but he’s only on his rookie deal for one more season after they picked up his fifth-year option 2020. Pitts offers a bit more efficiency in the receiving department, with fantastic hands and elite route running for a TE.

He finished the 2020 season with 43 receptions, 770 yards, and 12 scores. He was a focal point for the Florida offense, and at 6’6” and 246 pounds, he has the ability to cross-train at wide receiver, making him even more dynamic. As a former four-star recruit out of HS, Kyle has always been in the spotlight, but as outplayed counterpart Brevin Jordan recently.

How would Pitts elevate the Giants’ offense?

Pitts can align as a traditional TE in line, in the slot, or as a wideout as the “X” receiver. With elite route running for a player at his position, he can dominate corners with his large size and win 50/50 balls routinely. He is the perfect fit for Jason Garrett’s scheme — a coordinator who likes to utilize man coverage and attack cornerbacks with their back turned to the ball.

Analysts say he is a willing run blocker, which doesn’t exactly promote optimism. He needs to refine his abilities as an in-line blocker, but he has the size and room for growth. He’s mostly being targeted as a receiving threat at the TE position, which is how the modern NFL is progressing.

A player of his talents would immediately inject a playmaker into the New York Giants’ offense, and one that could likely revolutionize the way they go about their scheme. With the return of Saquon Barkley and fundamental growth in the trenches, he would offer DJ a security blanket and also a vertical weapon.